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KOVO Koukola Ltd.

KOVO Koukola was established in Sklené nad Oslavou in 1995 by its current owners, the Koukola brothers, Aleš and Petr. The company bore the name Kovoobrábění and since the very beginning of its activities, has been focused on job-order working of materials. Initially, the firm was oriented towards working materials on the conventional machines and, in the course of their further operation on the market, they invested into the state-of-the-art CNC technologies for chip machining, namely of metals. Currently, the company is doing business in the industrial zone in Žďár nad Sázavou utilizing a newly-built modern hall with the shop floor area of 2700 m2 and the administrative and social facilities of 450m2.



In 2000, the operation was located in a refurbished building with the shop floor of 300 m2. In addition to the production hall in Sklené nad Oslavou, the company could also make use of a workplace in Polnička with an equally large facility of 300 m2. In 2004, their business was reconstituted as a limited liability company and its name was changed into KOVO Koukola, s.r.o. Investment into new machinery brought about a need to increase the headcount. The modern machinery equipment is now being operated by about 120 employees.


Thanks to the technologies chosen and the space available we are able to quote competitive prices namely for a lot and medium-lot production of workpieces of about 300 kg in weight. Today’s production programme of the company is based on machine cutting whose scope is determined by the machine pool.



The company has acquired an approval certificate issued by a certification and quality system company. The quality assurance system complies with the standards ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009. The implementation of ISO/TS 16949 has been currently going on.


The production programme is founded on job order production of components and parts according to customers requirements, standards or documents provided and using materials of their own or materials and semi/products supplied by customers. While executing individual jobs we use the state-of-the-art CNC machining and measurement technologies. Other activities of ours include production and resharpening of cutting tools, design and production of injection and compression moulds, design and completion of automatized workplaces.



  • Lathing on CNC lathes, max. diameter 550 mm, max. length 1000 mm
  • Lathing on universal lathes, max. diameter 250 mm, max. length 1500 mm
  • Milling on CNC milling machines, axes X-610 mm, Y-510 mm, Z-610 mm
  • Milling on vertical milling machines, axes X-1100 mm, Y-550 mm, Z-500 mm
  • Drilling, cutting and thread rolling
  • Round grinding, thread grinding
  • Centerless grinding
  • Developing and production of one single-purpose CNC machines
  • Pressing on eccentric and hydraulic presses
  • Thermal and chemical-thermal manufacturing
  • Surface finishing
  • Welding